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Thoughts and information on writing for children.

BeNaNoWriMo Update

The BeNaNoWriMo word count goal is officially raised from 25,000 to 35,000. You see, Becca’s getting some help.While Becca’s at work all day, Ninja is home whispering clever dialogue and plot twists […]

NaNo How-To

Writers rave ad nauseam about the writing process and how amazing and powerful it is, how stories and characters take on lives of their own. I admit I get sick of hearing […]

NaNo Update

Well, as of this moment, I’m two days behind in my word count. Gak! It’s not an insurmountable deficit, but I hate playing catch-up, especially as we enter the dark forest of […]


I hit 5,000 words today. I’m not yet on a story trajectory, but rather scrambling around in search of plot and character pieces that fit together somehow. It’s rather like dumping pieces […]

Odds and Ends

We are back at the old homestead, ready to hibernate for a few months. There’s only an inch of snow on the ground, but brrr! it’s cold here. Time for some new […]