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It’s November 5. I should be at 10,000 words in my NaNo novel by the end of today, were I on my usual NaNo schedule, but unless I can pound out 10k […]

Becca’s Question

Becca asked, “Where are you?” Answer: Here. Who can most precisely name the location? Well, du-uh, of course it’s got to be a game. Critique group members and their families are excluded. […]


The first annual Writeoncon is drawing to a close. I’m not being presumptuous when I say “annual”; the Founders have already said they plan to do it again. I’ve already raved about […]

SCBWI Blog Prompt

The Facebook group, Fans of SCBWI, has started offering blog prompts to assist and encourage kidlit writers who blog. Naturally, I consider this both a game and a challenge. Here’s the first […]


At last! “Attend a writers’ conference,” is advice given to successful, unsuccessful, and wannabe kidlit authors. I’ve attended conferences in GA, PA, NY, OH, OR, and who-knows-where-else. For three years, I helped […]