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Odds and Ends

socks-09We are back at the old homestead, ready to hibernate for a few months. There’s only an inch of snow on the ground, but brrr! it’s cold here.

Time for some new socks. Mike is not keen on the way I match socks. Too bad, so sad. That’s why I make them for me.

NaNoWriMo kicks off tomorrow, or after midnight tonight for you night owls. I have no idea what I’m going to write. Really. Not a clue. I’m kind of eager to see what comes about.

nano-2009Becca, on the other hand, is in the starting gate with pencils and mind sharpened, bunny slippers tied, wizard hat on, her race marked out. I plan to lasso her as soon as the gun goes off and make her drag me along.

I am also prepared with holiday lights on the ceiling, lots o’ candles, quantities of tea, and a shortcut to Radio Praetoria on my toolbar for “music that sings to the soul and sparks the imagination.” May those sparks ignite a fire.

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