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Thoughts and information on writing for children.

NaNo on the Morrow

ACK! A week ago, I thought I was a cool cabbage, totally on the ball, organized, maybe even (gasp!) ahead of schedule. Suddenly, it’s October 31, and the newsletter isn’t quite finished, […]

Character Races

Earlier this week, YA author Mitali Perkins posed this question on Facebook, Twitter, and then her blog: Should authors describe a character’s race? As a reader, I admit that I tend to […]

Weekend Site-Seeing

The madness begins two weeks from today. Thousands and thousands of people–kids, adults, authors, dentists, accountants, and bums–will embark on a journey to string 50,000 words together in thirty days as part […]

Weekend Site-Seeing

C. Hope Clark’s Funds for Writers Web site is, as you would guess, something I refer to in the writing half of my life. Among other things, Hope compiles lists of contests, […]