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I hit 5,000 words today. I’m not yet on a story trajectory, but rather scrambling around in search of plot and character pieces that fit together somehow. It’s rather like dumping pieces from two dozen jigsaw puzzles on the table and trying to put one together by the end of the month. There are no box tops with pictures, either. I’m just sorting through pieces, putting two or three together when I can, and waiting for one to take shape more than the others or pique my interest or tickle my funny bone or otherwise grab me and pull.

thick-fogI love this idea-generation stage. What’s out there? Where are we going? What will we see?

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  1. When I was teaching college comp, I once did a freewriting exercise that I think had those very questions (What’s out there? Where are we going? What will we see?). Rather than a shrouded mountain, though, my metaphor was driving on a dark and windy road with only the moon. (It was L.A.) I wish I still had that piece, but shortly after, I was mugged and in my purse were 5 years of writing assignments on computer disks. I’m sure those little gangbangers got a lot of use out of it.

  2. OH! Being mugged is horrifying all by itself, but losing five years of writing?! It about does me in when I lose less than an hour’s worth of work because of my own lameness. I’m so sorry, Anna. That was a devastating loss.

  3. Anna, what a sad story!
    I’m off to a sluggish start on NaNoing (contrary to what Jen implied) I hope to catch my stride this weekend.