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No Phone, No Power, No plumbing — No Problem!”
Alaskan Winter in the Bush

Come share an isolation experience together.

Alaska is a popular tourist destination. Remote lodges provide hunting, fishing, and sightseeing services. But the vast majority of people want to visit Alaska in the summer, so lodges close during the long winter. Windows are boarded up, water pipes drained, and generators shut off. Guides, cooks, and service staff leave. All that remains at these remote lodges is, perhaps, a caretaker or two.

Jen and Mike spent ten years as winter caretakers for remote lodges in Alaska. They shoveled roofs and airplane wings, kept animals out of buildings, and re-stocked wood sheds. Perhaps the biggest job, however, was just taking care of themselves, living without electricity, running water, telephones, neighbors, easy access to medical care, or sources of entertainment.

Come see what few visitors to Alaska ever see: Winter in Alaska.

Self-Drive Safariers: Botswana & Namibia

Visiting Botswana and Namibia was a lifelong dream come true. After spending a couple of months house- and pet-sitting in Maun, Botswana, living the lives of locals, Jen and Mike headed out to parks and nether regions with a 4WD truck and a tent. Come see photos and hear stories of climbing the highest, oldest sand dunes in the world, lunching with elephants, and giraffe vs lions at the waterhole. Share in the thrill of a self-guided safari as they track animals and peer into the world of nature and African wildlife.

Unguided Galapagos

Join Jen, Mike, and other family members for an independent exploration of the Galapagos, a chain of volcanic islands 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. The Galapagos became the world’s first UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site in 1979. This is where Charles Darwin discovered and studied the finches that helped him form his theory of evolution.

Visit the pink house at the end of the beach on Isla Isabela where you can watch the daily parade of hundreds of young iguanas as they venture out to the ocean to feed and witness the mayhem of blue-footed boobies diving for dinner. 

Coming Soon

We look forward to adding trips to Greece, Italy, and Australia as well as Alaska, Part 2: The Rest of the Year and Africa, Part 2: The Big, The Little, and the Unbelievable.

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