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NaNo Update

forestWell, as of this moment, I’m two days behind in my word count. Gak! It’s not an insurmountable deficit, but I hate playing catch-up, especially as we enter the dark forest of the second and third weeks. Things usually slow down in here as we wander and get lost, so making up words could be slooooow.

Becca, with my encouragement and blessing (as if she needs it), has changed her game plan and is running a half-marathon this year. (And just how far are you running, hmm?) Doing so technically disqualifies her from an official NaNo win, but it keeps her writing, which is more helpful to me than having her raise a white flag not write–and it’s all about me and what’s best for me, right? Besides, I am a lifelong advocate for the if-the-game-doesn’t-suit-you-change-the-rules way of life. Just ask my sister.

Hey, when a needlework pattern isn’t going the way we’d like, or we screw it up, I say it’s time to redesign.

So this is Becca’s NaNoWriMo finish line right here. If she scratches out 25,000 words by November 30, she gets to claim a BeNaNoWriMo victory. And that’s the point of this post. I wanted to say and write “BeNaNoWriMo.”

Kinda makes me want to switch races, too. I want to be a BeNaNoWriMo winner. Go, Becca!

Any other takers in our new game?


All right. I’ve got the evening ahead of me to write. Here I go.


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  1. Aww, Jen. You are so nice. You really did help me think about what NaNo’s about (how’s that for erudition?). Today I had a really great day of writing and feel reenergized. Thanks for your input.

  2. Now I’m wondering if I should make some BeNaNo bread to enjoy along the way! (Say it out loud- it really is fun)