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The Puzzler’s Guide to Alaska is getting siblings!

Coming in 2023: Puzzler’s Guides to Oregon and California

The Puzzler's Guide to Alaska book cover

With 60 puzzles to delight curious minds, The Puzzler’s Guide to Alaska is an interactive introduction to the 49th state for kids 8 and up that’s one part puzzle book, one part natural history guide―and lots and lots of fun!

Meet Nelchina the Caribou, Galena the Porcupine, Zippy the Short-tailed Weasel, and Skilak the Black Bear―four good friends who can’t wait to show you around the beautiful state of Alaska. In this book they introduce all kinds of puzzles and games while telling jokes and sharing trivia about Alaska. Learn about the official state symbols, its biggest features, why Alaska’s called the Land of the Midnight Sun, the animals that live here, glaciers, and much more.

The puzzles mix a variety of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math) challenges to exercise different parts of the brain, including mazes, logic and math reasoning, crosswords, word searches, and language codes. When solved, the puzzles’ answers (at the back of the book) reveal facts about Alaska’s flora, fauna, history, and culture.

Perfect for long drives, plane or train rides, meals, and other slow times, The Puzzler’s Guide to Alaska keeps young puzzlers occupied and engaged with all things Alaska. So grab a pen or pencil and get ready to travel to Alaska, the true puzzler’s way!

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Minecraft Dungeons Puzzle Book is on Bookstore Shelves

Minecraft Dungeons puzzle book
Activities for Minecrafters: Dungeons

A Minecraft Dungeons-themed puzzle book. My 7th in the Minecraft series, with Hollan Publishing and Sky Pony Press.

Activities for Minecrafters: Dungeons is a variety puzzle book, and by that I mean it’s got a variety of puzzle styles: word, logic, mazes, and more.

This will keep elementary- and middle school-aged kids busy for hours and days. It’s a great way to get Minecraft enthusiasts off devices and into a book where they can mine their minds.

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What People are Saying About the Minecraft Puzzle Books

“Our 7 year old grandson loves this book – it’s kept him entertained for hours and challenges his analytical skills.”

“Excellent for elementary school children.”

“My 6-year-old son loved this. He did it on the plane to France and would take it to dinner with him in the evenings to keep him occupied. It was a life saver in several situations.”

Armchair-travel Slideshows

With Covid-19 social-distancing requirements, church groups and a community school have asked me to do a series of slideshows via Zoom on Alaska, Africa, The Galapagos, and other places we’ve traveled. If you are part of a group that might like to host such a presentation, give me a shout. These are fun!