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Minecraft Dungeons puzzle book
Activities for Minecrafters: Dungeons

Coming in 2021

A Minecraft Dungeons-themed puzzle book. My 7th in the Minecraft series, with Hollan Publishing and Sky Pony Press.

Activities for Minecrafters: Dungeons is a variety puzzle book, and by that I mean it’s got a variety of puzzle styles: word, logic, mazes, and more.

This will keep elementary- and middle school-aged kids busy for hours and days. It’s a great way to get Minecraft enthusiasts off devices and into a book where they can mine their minds.

What People are Saying About the Minecraft Puzzle Books

“Our 7 year old grandson loves this book – it’s kept him entertained for hours and challenges his analytical skills.”

“Excellent for elementary school children.”

“My 6-year-old son loved this. He did it on the plane to France and would take it to dinner with him in the evenings to keep him occupied. It was a life saver in several situations.”

Armchair-travel Slideshows

With Covid-19 social-distancing requirements, church groups and a community school have asked me to do a series of slideshows via Zoom on Alaska, Africa, The Galapagos, and other places we’ve traveled. If you are part of a group that might like to host such a presentation, give me a shout. These are fun!