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Thoughts and information on writing for children.

Summer Subplot

I’m spending a lot of time in the yard and garden. A couple of weeks ago, we had some fill and topsoil brought in help transform the yard from an obvious work-in-progress […]


It’s funny. I took an extra week off from blogging just because–because I didn’t feel like it, I guess. As soon as I got started again, I thought, Hey, this is fun! […]

Critique Group Love

I love my critique group. Not just the individuals in the group, but the group as a whole, and the work we do together. Could we look more alike? I don’t think […]


And you thought we were through with these. Bwa-ha-ha! Actually, we are. If you haven’t subscribed to The Needlework Nutshell after all the nagging, and you want to know about the finishing […]

Puzzle Contest Answers

This subscription bookmark-discussed sidebar style in will be box the discussed in finishing the May Needlework Nutshell. (Just thought I’d mix it up a little.) I have never gotten so many urgent […]

Hinkie Pinkies

This bookmark-finishing style will be discussed in the May Needlework Nutshell. Subscription box in the sidebar. Oh, yes. I have a ton of these. Now that I’ve got some things figured out, […]