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Thoughts and information on writing for children.

Books for Libraries

I call this my Spider finish. I admit it, I love it! Yep, it’s one we learn in the Bookmarks 101 class. I’m calling this a reversible bookmark. The back doesn’t look […]

Different Perspectives

Shelly made some interesting and valid comments on last Sunday’s Reading Roundup. They spawned a number of seemingly random thoughts for me. How does reading a kids’ book from a parents’ perspective […]

Winter and Writing

As I prepare for and anticipate winter, I look forward to a return to novel writing and other long projects. In my mind, summer is for short writing and winter is for […]

Making Connections

I love making connections. Can I connect anything and everything to needlework or writing? I kind of think I can. I took this picture today. Granted, I gathered the leaves and placed […]

Partners in Crime…

…mystery, romance, fantasy, puzzles, picture books, novels, poems, and more. Six years plus. More than 312 weeks. More than 2,190 days. That’s how long my online critique group has been together. I […]