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BeNaNoWriMo Update

The BeNaNoWriMo word count goal is officially raised from 25,000 to 35,000.

You see, Becca’s getting some help.becca-ninjaWhile Becca’s at work all day, Ninja is home whispering clever dialogue and plot twists into the magic Wizard’s hat. When Becca puts it on to do her writing, Ninja’s ideas leak into Becca’s head and out her fingers.

It’s hard work. Ninja’s exhausted.

PS – I made up my two-day deficit and am logging some extra verbiage so I can take Thanksgiving Day off. I seem to be dancing right through the Dark Forest of the Novel Middle. Go figure. No cats here.

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  1. You weren’t supposed to tell! Team writing isn’t allowed in NaNoWriMo. Oh well, I guess it is allowed in BeNaNoWriMo.