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NaNo on the Morrow

ACK! A week ago, I thought I was a cool cabbage, totally on the ball, organized, maybe even (gasp!) ahead of schedule. Suddenly, it’s October 31, and the newsletter isn’t quite finished, I have to upload stuff to the Web site, I didn’t get my Vocab Fun work for today done, the house is a mess again, my pre-made food is gone, and I’ve been so busy for two days that the blog completely slipped my mind. Yeesh.

The good news is, none of that matters. NaNoWriMo begins at midnight tonight. Yee-ha! I don’t plan to be up. I’ll start tomorrow. One thousand six hundred sixty-seven words a day. Fifty thousand by November 31. Will I make it?

As has happened every year since 2005 when I got on board NaNo, the Web site is sluggish and occasionally down at the start. Sorry, I’m not waiting to get the link. There’s one in the sidebar if you want to get to the NaNo site.

I thought I had a NaNo word counter on my Facebook page, but I can’t find it anywhere. I clicked on the links and accepted terms and gave permission. If you see my word counter somewhere, let me know.

Sorry, no time for a picture.

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