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Thoughts and information on writing for children.

Trends Schmends

Conventional wisdom says that we can’t write to trends. Unless you are a celebrity or live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, publishing is a slow business. Vampires are hot subjects right now, but […]


“Finishes” are what we dub completed needlework, and I think we can extend the term to published stuff, don’t you? The second project for Taku Graphics, a kids’ puzzle book (ages 7-12) […]

A Day in the Office

On days when it’s hard to appreciate a writer’s paycheck, it’s nice to appreciate a writer’s work environment. The book is The Complete Rhyming Dictionary, by Clement Wood. This is one of […]

Team Writing

My online critique group is on a mission. We all want to ramp up the emotion in our WsIP (Works In Progress). To that end, we are taking classes or reading lecture […]