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Weekend Site-Seeing

C. Hope Clark’s Funds for Writers Web site is, as you would guess, something I refer to in the writing half of my life. Among other things, Hope compiles lists of contests, jobs, and grants for freelance writers. She does not focus on children’s writing in particular, but the range of her resources is so broad that I find there’s plenty for me on her site and in her newsletters.

Hope has a number of e-books available on writing for specific markets and marketing for the Shy Writer. I recently ordered Markets for the Young Writer for my nephew and niece. They’re by no means committed to writing, but they are good at it, and I wanted to open that door a crack for them.

turnip-slaw.jpgMike make turnipslaw with radishes and carrots (the carrots are not from our garden), which I suppose is still technically coleslaw, since I think turnips are in the cole family. I’m not a huge fan of coleslaw, but if I were, I’d love this; it tastes just like coleslaw.

Hope offers a number of free newsletters as well as a meatier paid-subscription newsletter, Total Funds for Writers. I have a paid subscription, and I get a couple of the free newsletters as well. In part, I just like keeping up with Hope; I only know her from her newsletters, books, and articles, but I like her in those things. Plus, her newsletters are models for The Needlework Nutshell. In fact, I would say that she and my critique partner, Chrissie, have had the greatest influence on the inspiration, growth, and development of my newsletter. But I also aim to make use of the resources she provides. The opportunities she digs up are amazing–obscure opportunities you’d never know existed, as wells as popular annual events. There are two contests on my radar now. We’ll see if I get off my duff and enter them.

Hope takes a stand on writers being asked to work for free. She’s against it. Writing, like needlework design, is an often underpaid–even unpaid–occupation. The reasons for that are vague and numerous, but the truth is, good writing is a good service worthy of good compensation. I’m with Hope on this one.

I also plan to pitch an article or two for her newsletter…one of these years.

Funds for Writers is jam-packed with useful info for writers. Check it out.

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