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Thoughts and information on writing for children.

They’re Here!

My copies of Hogsqueal’s Activity Book and Thimbletack’s Activity Book arrived. Yippee! They look very slick. Hats off to the designers; they did a great job. Sometimes I wish I were a […]

Research Pitfalls

Thus far, I’ve spent more time researching sports facts and trivia than I’ve spent creating puzzles. Research is addictive, as I think most non-fiction writers will attest. It’s a little like gambling […]

Still Puzzling

Yesterday, my break from sports puzzles was natural history puzzles. Today, my break from sports puzzles was a needlework puzzle. Hm, a busman’s holiday? I dug out our “new” puzzle design that […]

Great Show Find!

On the second day of the TNNA NeedleArts Market, I went to the convention center an hour early so that I could cruise through some of the aisles and see the displays. […]