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While the Spiderwick project and the Stitchathon were somewhat intense, they were single-minded. Everything else took a backseat, and I focused on a single goal. Now, I’m juggling. I saw it coming, […]

Life in AK

Pretend it’s early March. That’s when I started this post. I’ve just now gotten the photos ready. It’s been an especially cold year in Alaska. True to form, March has come in […]

Stitchathon Day 7

Bookmark finished early yesterday, Day 6. I discovered at the end of Day 5 that I needed to rip part of the design because it was spaced incorrectly. A small thing, but […]

Stitchathon Day 3

One more day for the Stitchling, I think, and not the whole day, either. How cool is that?! Wait and see–I’ll be glad I brought the puzzle pattern, too. I went for […]

Stitchathon Day 2

The new Stitchling has 2 identifiable shapes. There are 4 “shapes” total. I don’t have proper light for night-stitching-on-black-fabric, so I switch to the bookmark in the evening. It’s snowing. In fact, […]