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Stitchathon Day 3

One more day for the Stitchling, I think, and not the whole day, either. How cool is that?! Wait and see–I’ll be glad I brought the puzzle pattern, too.

I went for a wonderful ski today with a friend. I picked her brain for a class I’m offering at the TNNA NeedleArts Market in June. Some people have business lunches, I have business skis.

Not a lot of snow yesterday or last night, but it’s started again today.

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  1. It’s 60 degrees here in central Ohio at 7:50 a.m., and the birds are singing springtime songs! Highs today near 70. It certainly feels (smells and sounds) like spring! It boosts my spirits!

  2. Rain all day here. Major mess on the roads. Our white government jeep is mud from top to bottom.
    Jen, I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Clueless. Many of the puzzles are too hard for my kids, but some are absolutely wonderful. I work on map skills and directionality- the Iditorod one is suberb. The format is delightful. I did the Switcheroo with one of my students yesterday, she had trouble, but was able to get through it. It became clear that while she can recite the ordinal numbers, she doesn’t understand what they really mean, even with a co-worker translating into Navajo. When we got the answer, neither of us had ever heard of ice worms, so I hadf her get on line and do a search. She was able to go back to class and tell her science teacher something new! She was so pleased!
    Oh, the book reminded me of a story. True story and the joke goes back to it. We were on a family vacation to Colorado when I was about 10. We were on a hike and saw a ptarmigan. My mom and I looked away to mention it to my brother and when we looked back, she had blended into the scenery. We looked and looked but we never could find that ptarmagain!

  3. When breakup rolls around, I’ll long for other weather. May is the time to travel outside AK, IMO. Except that’s when many animal babies are born.

    No one place is perfect, that’s all there is to it. I’m glad I can travel.

    So glad you like CLUELESS, Becca! Give your student my congratulations for sticking with the puzzle and then for looking up what ice worms are. Cheers to her!

    Nice of the ptarmigan to play its part in the joke for you! I made a little ditty in my head about your ptarmigan experience. We’ll see if it develops further. It kind of goes with my silly AK verses.