Life in AK

Pretend it’s early March. That’s when I started this post. I’ve just now gotten the photos ready.

It’s been an especially cold year in Alaska. True to form, March has come in like a lion. At least, it’s awfully windy. Cold + wind = Brrrrr! So I got out the Big Gun today: the ski goggles!

Here’s how it goes:

First come the snow pants, then the shoes. I squeak by with hiking boots when I can, but sometimes it’s insulated Xtra-Tufs or ski boots. Next is the balaclava (hat that covers the whole head, leaving only the face exposed), then the scarf. Until recently, I’d go with sunglasses at this point, but the wind is brutal, so it’s ski goggles now. The parka follows, hood pulled up to hold the brimmed hat in place since it doesn’t fit over the balaclava. The brim is necessary for the sun, which is bright these days. The backpack goes on, then soft wool gloves topped with heavy mis-matched mittens. I actually have 2 pairs of heavy mitts, both mis-matched, meaning 4 entirely different mittens.

mailbox_closeup.jpg mailbox.jpg
And now I’m ready!


I’m off to the mailbox.

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