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Stitchathon Day 7

Bookmark finished early yesterday, Day 6. I discovered at the end of Day 5 that I needed to rip part of the design because it was spaced incorrectly. A small thing, but since this is a model, it needs to be correct. The pattern needs to be corrected as well, since that’s where the error originates. No big deal. I ripped, restitched on the morning of Day 6, then got back to work on the Puzzle Pattern which still doesn’t have a title. I made good progress on it yesterday and still have all of today. Yay!

I seem to like periods of intense focus, putting everything on the back burner except one project, and then doing nothing but that for long crazy hours. Picking blueberries for two solid days, creating activity books, stitching… It fits this description of myself: I don’t DO anything, I OVERDO everything. I’m afraid that makes me sound kind of, um, unbalanced, but there’s at least some truth in it. Hyperfocusing. I think that’s related to ADD, which I suspect I have. I wouldn’t trade it. I think it works for me!

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  1. I know several adults with ADD and they accomplish amazing amounts. If it’s you- go for it!
    You were supposed to give some hints on what the new puzzle design is. And I’d love a hint about the new Let There Be Night.