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Spiderwick: Getting There!

Oh so close! I have all the pieces of the 2 Spiderwick Chronicles activity books assembled. Just over 100 activities, I think. I typed a table of contents for each book, color-coding […]

Simple Things

I’m fairly certain that when Mary Lou Hallenbeck (from H. D. Designs) said, “Simple things like this can add so much to a quilt,” she didn’t expect it to become the focal point of her post for the DayZ Dozen Blog Hop. It was a reference to the 2-color borders and binding on her 4-Patch Stacked Posie quilt. See the blue and purple? It’s nice, and I especially like the way it looks from a distance.

Bright on Black

Take a look at the following pages and images. What do they have in common? Twinkle quilt over at the DayZ Dozen Blog Hop. My critique group writing blog. Mike’s photography pages. […]

DayZ Dozen Blog Hop

Things are hopping over at the Lazy Girl Designs blog hop.

Did you note the Retro-Aprons? My father’s basement is the repository of an overwhelming collection of Family Junk. If I didn’t live 6,000 miles away, it’s likely that a good bit of it would be in my house, as there’s a reason it hasn’t been “let go.” Every time I visit my father, I bring a few things home with me. Most recently, I brought this:

Nothing New Under the Sun

This happens all the time and it drives me crazy: I’ll have an idea for a story or needlework design; I’ll look around to see if it’s been done; I won’t find anything; I’ll dink around, thinking and maybe even doing; then someone will come out with that very thing. Ahhhhh!

DayZ Dozen Blog Hop

The DayZ Dozen Blog Hop started yesterday over at Lazy Girl Designs. Yesterday’s pattern was “Ring Around the Flowers Quilt,” by Holly Holderman, the creator of the fabric design, and owner of LakeHouse Dry Goods. Part of her motivation in creating the fabric was the desire to incorporate circles in her quilts. Circles are tough! But not when they are part of the fabric design. Another aspect of her quilt pattern that I like is the way the flower colors coordinate. She pieces 2 different-colored flowers for each flower motif in the pattern, and the 2-color pairs look great together. Do I really need to say how much I like the Bright Colors? And the black to set them off? I love Holly’s color sense.