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Stitchathon Day 1

Okay, when I typed that title, my fingers were anticipating, and it came out: Stitchathong. Huh. Anyone up for a needlework thong design?! Some of the greatest ideas are the result of […]

Catching Up

After a brief period of panic while proofreading (perfectly normal, in my experience), I sent the Spiderwick manuscripts off on Wednesday night so they’d be on the editor’s desk first thing Thursday morning, the day the first book was due. I like to be punctual.

Time Change

Wow. It’s like summer all of a sudden. Except for the frigid temperature and snow and calendar. With the time change, it’s light until after 8 p.m. Mike worked until 7:30 tonight, […]

Bags, Bags, Glorious Bags!

It’s a Lazy day over at the Blog Hop. Joan has put the DayZ Deux fabric to work on a Bucket Tote. Now, I’ve already established that I’m a fan of Lazy Girl Designs. Here’s why:

1. Bags are functional. I use them all the time because I’m forever hauling “stuff” with me to stave off boredom and make the most of sitting and waiting.