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Stitchathon Day 4

New Stitchling is as done as it will be here. There is the “little spot of color” to do, but I didn’t come prepared to do that, so it will have to wait.

The bookmark is well under way. I kinda think I might finish it tomorrow. By “finish” I mean the design stitching. There’s still the finishing of the bookmark. I’m going to have to PICK ONE finishing method, which drives me batty. There are so many possibilities, I hate to choose just one. Plus, there are all sorts of details to consider, and not necessarily ones I like considering. These are factors that come into play:

1 – Space available for finishing instructions. I have to provide instructions for at least one method of finishing on the pattern. I could probably fill a book with options for finishing, but many people don’t want all those options. It’s part of my job to limit options and be specific, yet it’s my tendency to want to provide lots of choices. And then there’s the simple issue of available space. These are going to be Stitchling-sized patterns (I’m pretty sure), so there’s not much room for complex instructions. I hate being limited by space, but it’s a reality due to the expense of small-run commercial printing.

2 – I could offer different finishes on different patterns, thereby putting more ideas out there.

3 – I could provide longer, more complex finishing instructions on my web site or turn them into an online class.

4 – Not everyone wants to sew or hemstitch or ___. Actually, I’m always surprised by how many stitchers don’t like finishing needlework. It’s as though the fun is only in the Xs. Go figure.

5 – I need to use materials that are readily available, preferably in the Indie needlework shops, since that’s where the patterns will be.

See the limitations?

Too many possibilities complicated by too many limitations! My life is so hard. (Yes, you’re supposed to roll your eyes.)

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  1. I’d go with different methods on different patterns, or maybe go with the simplest version on the pattern and offer a separate Stichling-sized page of just instructions. Now you have yet another possibilty to ponder!