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While the Spiderwick project and the Stitchathon were somewhat intense, they were single-minded. Everything else took a backseat, and I focused on a single goal. Now, I’m juggling. I saw it coming, which is part of the reason I enjoyed the single-minded time. Actually, accepting the Spiderwick project is what created the current crunch, but there’s no way I’m going to regret that.

I’m getting ready to hit the road later this month, so there are oodles of logistics to be worked out. Airline reservations, hotel reservations, rental car reservations, contacts to keep in touch with, schedules to iron out. I’m attending a couple of writing conferences, doing a couple of slide shows, participating in The Needlework Show, doing a school visit, celebrating my father’s birthday, and winding up at the TNNA NeedleArts Market, a wholesale trade show where I’m teaching 2 classes among other things. Cue the circus music.

I have To Do lists coming out my ears, and while I’m crossing things off daily, there is a surge of additional tasks: programs to prepare, kits to make, layouts to do, printing to arrange, new equipment to master, needlework projects to finish, packing. Of course, there are the regular things to do: the newsletter, puzzles for magazines, filling orders, answering email, critiques, eating…blog posts!

I wasn’t kidding: it’s chaos! Wheeeee!

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  1. Sounds like your ADD will come in handy! I was impressed that the newletter was right there on April 1st.