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Puzzle Pattern Progress

So I’m finally stitching something besides the 996 background. We had picked 2 colors and I was off and stitching. Well, guess what. We rejected 50% of our newly-chosen colors today, and even though I’ve just barely begun to stitch, I’ve already ripped.

The Wild Life

The snow started falling in December and keeps falling and falling and falling. We don’t have the tons that our friends in Girdwood have, but we’ve got around 3 feet, I’d guess.

More Baking!

Remember the Holiday Bake-Along over at The Armchair Chef? Well, Tink’s at it again. She’s putting together a collection of pie and cake recipes from needlework designers and retailers.

Stitching Shouldn’t Be A Pain

Long hours of stitching today. Such grueling work! Actually, there’s some truth in that. Any repetitive activity can wreak havoc on a body, and it seems that everything I do involves repetitive motion: stitching, writing and drawing at the computer.