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New Puzzle Pattern Progress

I’m already at a standstill on the new cross stitch project. Sigh. I’m out of the floss. The order is in; more should arrive next week. We’re using The Gentle Art threads, along with DMC. As I mentioned previously, this design is perfect for hand-dyed threads.

Crafting Puzzles for Kids

I lead a dual life: needlework designer, children’s author. I sometimes think I should give one up in order to do a better job of the other. (Any self-employed person will tell you there’s more to do to run a business than one person can do. Two businesses? Who do I think I am, Wonder Woman?) But which would I give up? That would be like Sophie’s Choice. Thank goodness I’m not Sophie.

Preview Promenade Update

I just took my nightly stroll through the Preview Promenade and discovered Phoenix Bess, a 14-year-old knitwear designer. I love the Queen Anne’s Lace sweater and the felted backpack she shows in […]

New Year, New Project

Last week, I mailed my final assignments to the instructor of my Embroiderer’s Guild of America Individual Correspondence Course. It took me way-yonder longer to finish the course than the EGA predicted, […]