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Puzzle Pattern Progress

So I’m finally stitching something besides the 996 background. We picked 2 colors and I was off and stitching. Well, guess what. We have now rejected 50% of our newly-chosen colors, and even though I’ve just barely begun to stitch, I’ve already ripped.

This is why I stitch all our models. I’ve put in color #3, but have doubts as to its effectiveness. We’re reserving our judgment, though, until tomorrow when we can judge it by the light of day. Literally.

I’m putting the February issue of The Needlework Nutshell together. It should go out on the first, as usual, barring some unforeseen problem. (You can subscribe to the newsletter on our web site). This month’s Tips, Tricks, and Brilliant Ideas section has an overdyed thread tutorial for which I stitched several samples, using different techniques to get different effects. Now, I pretty much knew the results I’d get–I chose specific techniques to get specific results–but seeing the samples side-by-side makes it clearer and more interesting, even impressive, if you ask me. What marvelous threads! It reminds me that exploration, experimentation, and just goofing around with needle and thread is valuable. It’s not always about a finished product; sometimes it’s about the experience.

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  1. Hmm. 996 is a beautiful blue. Of course, at first I thought it was green, but that was 966. My numerical dyslexia raises it head again! Can’t guess yet.
    I’m looking forward to the tutorial. I’ve just begun using Dinky Dyes and I love he effects. But I am very much a novice and can use some help.

  2. Sometimes the best thing to do is just play with it. I think it’d be fun to stitch a big piece following different patterns: zig-zags, spirals, radiating rays, waves, stripes. Plan the patterns, but then let the colors do their thing.

    There’s an interesting play between making the fiber do what we want it to do, and letting the color do its thing.

    Fun stuff!