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Stitching Shouldn’t Be A Pain

Long hours of stitching today. Such grueling work! Actually, there’s some truth in that. Any repetitive activity can wreak havoc on a body, and it seems that everything I do involves repetitive motion: stitching, writing and drawing at the computer. Heck, back in August I wound up with a pinched nerve or something that caused numbness in the middle finger of my right hand…because I spent two solid days picking blueberries. No kidding! I picked between 4 and 5 gallons. Had some today on my oatmeal! Mmmm.

I am conscious of the strain I put on my body and actively try to prevent pain and lasting damage–whatever the blueberry marathon might suggest. I exercise regularly, and include yoga in my routine. I am not a doctor or physical therapist, so nothing I say should be considered “advice,” but I’m a Big Fan of yoga stretches for preventing repetitive stress symptoms. I also make it a point to look out the window, watch my posture, stretch my arms and wrists, and get up out of my chair periodically.

While stitching The Trail Home, I learned to stitch left-handed. I can only do it when using a self-supporting frame, not a hand-held hoop, and it’s slow going, but it’s fun, too. About a year ago, I moved my computer mouse to the left side. Mike, ever supportive, made the switch, too, since we share the computer, but he’s left handed. I’m not. Even so, the mouse switch was surprisingly easy, although it created some interesting mental reversals.

So far, so good. I develop small discomforts now and then, but overall I’m in good shape and can stitch and write for many hours in a day. Lucky me!