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More Baking!

Remember the Holiday Bake-Along over at The Armchair Chef? Well, Tink’s at it again. She’s putting together a collection of pie and cake recipes from needlework designers and retailers.

Two cakes immediately come to mind: Wacky Cake and Blueberry Buckle. Those are about the only cakes I make. Although there is an apple cake that a friend makes that is de-yummy-licious. I have the recipe somewhere.

Pies. I went through a pie phase when we were first caretaking, probably because we had a lot of frozen fruit, but I rarely make pie these days. Unless you include dinner pies: quiche or chicken potpie. Mike will make a pumpkin pie for a holiday, but I prefer my pumpkin in bread.

When I make pie crust, I make extra, sometimes a whole separate crust. (Ah, the advantage of being a grown up!) I roll it out, spread butter on it, sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on it, roll it up, and bake it. My mother called that a snickerdoodle, and as a kid I could never remember that name, so wound up calling it a doodley-roll. Snickerdoodles are now cookies, so the pie crust roll is now officially a Doodley-Roll.

Huh. I wonder if that counts as a pie recipe?

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  1. What a great name, Jen! This fall I baked an apple pie, and as always, the apples gave off a lot of juice, and the whole thing was a mushy wreck. I decided that I should give up on pie baking. But it bothered me that my brother can turn out these beautiful pies, (does sibling rivalry never end?)and I stopped and asked myself, why is it that he can do that, I cannot? Then it hit me–he follows a recipe! Duh! So I haven’t completely written off pie baking. I’ve just written off pie baking without a recipe!

  2. I’ve made Doodley-Rolls (often), I just never had such a grat name for them. Yes, pies do call for following a recipe, or having done it so often you no longer need the recipe. Since pies and tarts are a once or twice a year thing for me, I haven’t gotten to that point. Jen, I have a wonderful blueberry tart recipe, if you stil have some blueberies left. I also have a yeast pumpkin bread, if you really like your pumpkin in bread.

  3. I have heaps of blueberries (they’re wild here, and all over our property), so please do share the tart recipe.

    Send the yeast pumpkin bread recipe, too. I love to bake bread. Baking bread is something we learned to do while caretaking, and I wish I did it as often now as I did then.

    Looking forward to them!