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Moose Amusement

The garden fence was down again. I took a picture this time. See? But it was only one side that was pulled down. Plus one string on an adjacent side. Whatever it […]

Adventure in Roman Shades

When we decided to go with Roman shades I bought two window treatment books containing instructions. I’m not using them. I’m using instructions from Terrell Designs. We’ve already spent hours on the […]

Lazy Girl, Lucky Girl

Looky, looky what I got! I’ve been wanting these Lazy Girl Designs patterns for months and months and at last I have them. I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve already pulled out […]

An Alaskan Dinner

Grilled sockeye salmon pulled from the Kenai (say “KEEN-eye”) River on Monday and vacuum-packed and frozen within hours, and tender steamed chard cut from the garden earlier in the day, and a […]

Crashing the Garden

Okay, okay, I blew it. I had a great photo opportunity and I didn’t take it. The idea of a camera never crossed my mind. Last night when I took the dog […]