Adventure in Roman Shades

When we decided to go with Roman shades I bought two window treatment books containing instructions. I’m not using them. I’m using instructions from Terrell Designs.

We’ve already spent hours on the website, figuring, planning, designing, fretting in our ridiculous way. Every question we’ve come up with (and we are extreme questioners) has had an answer here. While I generally prefer to “buy locally,” after shopping around, we found prices at Terrell Designs competitive, and her site so informative, I was glad to order from her. Besides, she’s an independent designer and I know what that’s like. (Nope, I’m not paid to endorse Terrell, her site, or her products. I’m just a so-far happy customer.)

Mike and I cut the main fabric last night, but not the lining. Our windows are wide, so we must piece the shades. It was a puzzle to figure out how to cut the fabric to make it work. We purchased it before we really knew what we were doing–used the books to determine quantity, but hadn’t decided about inside/outside mounting, etc. It was the end of a bolt and there is not enough fabric to match the pattern on the seams, but there wasn’t anything else we liked as much, and we had limited time to hunt for fabric, so we decided to go with it. The color is perfect, the fabric is heavy for warmth, the pattern is somewhat regal which will add an interesting look to the playfully tri-colored room, and I’m just plain happy with it, unmatched seams and all.

Today I begin sewing. I have lots of other work to get done, so we’ll see how far I get.

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  1. My, my, my how great minds think alike. I am also doing Roman Shades for my bedroom. I have designed a pieced pattern, gathered the fabric (ok most of it) and lost my hand colored copy. I do still have the computer generated one but I must find the colored one. It is in the workroom I am sure. Oh well it will wait until I get back from the 50th anniversary party. I’ll send pictures of what we made for Mom and Dad.


  2. Wow, so the work has begun. I am very interested in how they come together, and I want to see the fabric! Maybe you could bring a swatch when you come down?