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Reading and Stitching

We began a new “joint” book tonight. That’s a book that we read together, meaning Mike reads aloud while I stitch. We are way-yonder slower getting through joint books these days (unlike […]

Gardening Hands

I tend to have rough hands, either from house construction, wiring, gardening, whatever. When I stitch, silk and sometimes metallics catch on the tiniest of rough spots, mucking up my strands, making […]


For the most part, we don’t vacation. At least not like some people do: where they designate 2 weeks, make reservations, and go somewhere. I routinely say, “My whole life is a […]


If you found your way here, you probably noticed some changes to this site. “Website work” has made its way to the top of my To-Do list. Today I upgraded WordPress. I’ve […]

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote:

The earth laughs in flowers. The high desert was cracking up earlier in the spring, and Joan’s backyard is hilarious! Thanks for sharing your pics with me. I see years of landscaping […]