Moose Amusement

The garden fence was down again. I took a picture this time. See?


But it was only one side that was pulled down. Plus one string on an adjacent side. Whatever it was obviously did not walk through on its way to somewhere. Nothing was eaten from the garden, and there are no tracks through the beds. You can see from where the strings lay on the ground that they were merely pulled down.

What’s up with that?

Mike wonders if the moose (he believes it to be a moose, too) is tugging on the rag flags, trying to eat them. If that’s the case, it didn’t leave any teeth marks, nor did it succeed in removing any flags or even tearing off a bite.

Personally, I think we’re dealing with a prankster moose. I heard some giggling from somewhere in the woods as I re-tied the strings.

The loaner-dog was pretty interested in some smells around the fence. She stood on 2 legs to get a good whiff of the top strings.

The long and short of it is this: When we had no fence, two moose walked through the beds and ate some chard. Since we’ve had the fence, no moose have walked through the beds and nothing has been eaten from the garden. Therefore, I will keep re-tying the strings.

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  1. What a unique mystery! Could one of the babies be the culprit? I’ve heard baby moose are prone to giggling.