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Dinky Dyes on Board for the Bookmark Challenge


Dinky Dyes has stepped up with a wonderful prize for the Bookmark Challenge! They will offer a complete set of their silks to one lucky participating shop. Every participating shop will be eligible for this prize; it will be given to the winner of a random drawing. So smaller shops stand the same chance as larger ones. I love a level playing field!

I have a set of these silks and they are spectacular. I have #123, Luna Park, here on my desk just because I like looking at it–it’s inspiring! The colors are bright and happy (not primary colors, either), and there are a ton of different colors in the one skein. I’d love to stitch a shirt with this fiber–HEY! A Dinky Tie-Dyed shirt! Oh, Jo-o…

I guess I need to use this for a bookmark pattern, at the very least. Hmmm.

A grateful shout out to Jo Fisher Mason at Dinky Dyes for her generosity, great fibers, and great colors. Thanks, mate!

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  1. Hooray for Dinky Dyes! It’s great to see them making the committment to the community and literacy as well!