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Bookmark From Hell

Have 36 stitches x 36 stitches ever been such a pain in the tookus?! Mike was leery of my pattern reduction. He wasn’t home when I did it, and I approved it […]

Planting and Reaping

Gardening feeds my soul as well as my stomach. There’s something about growing things–food, in particular–that is satisfying on the deepest, most basic level: Eating is a necessity; gardening fulfills that need. […]

Deadline Approaches

I’ve been working on class proposals for the 2008 TNNA trade shows–Long Beach, CA, in January, and Columbus, OH, in June. The deadline is tomorrow for 3/4 of the proposals, which is […]

Night Visitor

Twice last week we were visited in the middle of the night by a young large owl. The first time, Mike was just coming to bed when he noticed it sitting on […]