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Needle and ThREAD Progress

The wheels for local events are in motion. I visited Karen at Arctic Needle in Anchorage, and she enthusiastically agreed to participate in the Bookmark Challenge. She will also join me in […]

Let There Be Night Frames

When we created Silent Night, the first Let There Be Night Stitchling, we searched and searched for a frame we loved, and were over the moon when we found the 2-color (black […]

Bookmark #2

ACK! The first attempt to stitch bookmark #2 has been aborted due to unsatisfactory color choices. New colors have been selected, and I’m off and stitching again. I also resized the design […]

The Garden

It started raining last week and it hasn’t stopped. The Matanuska River is now the MUDanuska. The blueberries were parched, so we welcomed the rain–at first. But with no signs of it […]

Odds and Ends

It rained again today so Mike didn’t work on the deck. Instead, he searched my name on Amazon. He discovered that Clueless in Alaska has a new review–new to Amazon on April […]