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Thoughts and information on stitching, and what I am currently working on.

Weekend Site-Seeing

One of my favorite stitcher-bloggers is sharon b. We’ve been to her site(s) before, but there is so much to explore, chances are good we’ll go again and again. For starters, she’s […]

Weekend Site-Seeing

This weekend we’re going over to MommaStitch. Lynette is a Needlework Nutshell (subscription box in sidebar) reader and a skilled and prolific stitcher. Something that bothers me about framing needlework and hanging […]

Weekend Site-Seeing

Wheeeee! It’s opening day for NaNoWriMo. I haven’t started yet, but I will this evening. That’s not the site we’re seeing today, though. A few months ago, I discussed in The Needlework […]

Room to Stitch

I’m stitching yet another Read ambigram bookmark for a purpose that I’ll share another time. It’s just business as usual for me. When I decided to share it here as an example […]