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Thoughts and information on stitching, and what I am currently working on.

Weekend Site-Seeing

If you haven’t yet, please read Thursday’s post. It’s important. I hate to cover it up with new posts, but I don’t want to stop posting, so this is my compromise. I […]

Knitting Socks

For me, winter in Alaska means wool socks, lots of them: typically a thin inner sock topped by a thick outer sock, both of which need to fit into a cozy slipper […]

Weekend Site-Seeing

Spencer Glacier, during a ride to Grandview on the Alaska Railroad. One of the blogs that I read regularly is In a Minute Ago by Sharon B. The blog is just a […]

Secret Revealed!

One of the problems of maintaining this blog is the occasional need for secrecy. I can’t share plots of new stories I’m writing or details of unpublished designs. Sometimes secrecy is written […]