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Thoughts and information on stitching, and what I am currently working on.

Odds and Ends

We are back at the old homestead, ready to hibernate for a few months. There’s only an inch of snow on the ground, but brrr! it’s cold here. Time for some new […]

Food for Thought

Have you read anything about recent book price wars between Amazon and Wal*Mart? Here’s a blog post from an independent book store in MO that conveys some of my own feelings. The […]

Needlework Finishing

A model from the Bookmarks 101 finishing class starting on November 16. Registration is open at The Stitchers’ Village. Speaking of finishing, how many of you stitchers routinely finish your own needlework? […]


I’ve staked out a table in the Darn Good Room, covered it with books, fabrics, fibers, needles, ribbon, and my clipboard with scrap paper for taking notes. I’m designing and testing different […]