Room to Stitch

I’m stitching yet another Read ambigram bookmark for a purpose that I’ll share another time. It’s just business as usual for me. When I decided to share it here as an example of actually stitching, it dawned on me that my “usual business” is pretty darn funny. I was oblivious to the absurdities until I stepped back and looked at it from something like your perspective.

This is the picture I took of the scene.


This is not a set up. This is where I plunked down to stitch yesterday. It made sense at the time because the natural light was good out here, and I wanted a table because I don’t like holding hoops anymore, and I needed a hoop because I’m stitching on a small fabric scrap.

Looking at the image now, I note these things:

1. My favorite stitching chair continues to be a plastic lawn chair.

2. I have piles of needlework fabric, and I even have a large piece of this yellow fabric, but by golly I can squeeze something else out of this little piece.

3. What? Make some room at the table? Why? I have plenty of room.

Those colorful pieces are my future dining room table, waiting to be assembled so I can then paint the top. The greenery in the old ice cream tubs is oregano. You can’t see the basil, parsley, and thyme beside these tubs. I’m still eating the leaves. Eventually, I’ll trim the plants back and let them winter over downstairs or in some corner somewhere. And then there’s that stack of papers which is the electrical plan for the house. My tool belt is on the floor just out of the picture. I’m doing some electrical stuff in my spare time, too.

Does anyone else find that scene funny? But it’s nicely representative, too: In the middle of my varied and cluttered life there is little circle of needlework.

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  1. I’m drawn to your dining room table. What color will you choose for the top? What color are the walls?

    I also couldn’t help but notice the flooring. I love the color of the hardwood. Did you install the flooring in individual pieces of wood or is it a laminate? Tomas and I installed hardwood flooring in the dining and living rooms; it was quite labor-intensive.

  2. The primary color for the table top will be navy blue, but all the colors will be there in some measure.

    The walls are bold yellow, leaning toward orange. The drapes on the sliding glass door are a deep red.

    Sounds awful described this way, but it’s not. I have a palate of eight colors for the Darn Good room and the table includes all but the red and yellow on the walls and drapes.

    I originally wanted the table to be primarily orange to have an analogous-color corner–yellow, orange, red–but Mike was horrified. So I painted the underside of the table orange, and now and then we’ll have picnics on the floor under the table. Or something.

    The floor is laminate. It was a snap to install, but that’s because Mike did it.

    I will post a picture when the table is finished, but you know better than to hold your breath, right? The living room shades still aren’t done. Ahem. I have to get the table off the table so I can use the table to make the shades. 🙂

  3. Your table colors are great! I do the same thing with fabric bits, btw… I have *tons* of fabric but still tend to use the smallest piece possible 🙂