Category: Needlework

Thoughts and information on stitching, and what I am currently working on.

Puzzle Pattern Progress

So I’m finally stitching something besides the 996 background. We had picked 2 colors and I was off and stitching. Well, guess what. We rejected 50% of our newly-chosen colors today, and even though I’ve just barely begun to stitch, I’ve already ripped.

Stitching Shouldn’t Be A Pain

Long hours of stitching today. Such grueling work! Actually, there’s some truth in that. Any repetitive activity can wreak havoc on a body, and it seems that everything I do involves repetitive motion: stitching, writing and drawing at the computer.

Felt clogs for Christmas

I made Mike a pair of felt clogs for Christmas with a pattern from Fiber Trends, Inc. He needed new slippers. The pre-felted clogs were so big and goofy (think clown slippers) that I wanted him to see them that way, so I wrapped them without felting. Plus, I didn’t have to guess when to stop the felting; this way, he tried on the wet slippers during the process.