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pulled-thread-spiderI call this my Spider finish. I admit it, I love it! Yep, it’s one we learn in the Bookmarks 101 class. I’m calling this a reversible bookmark. The back doesn’t look like the front, but it’s cool in its own right, so I didn’t cover it. It’s a light and lacy bookmark.

The Class of 2K9, debut MG and YA authors, is giving thanks to public and school librarians by holding a contest. It’s open to librarians currently working at a school or public library in the US. You may not be a librarian, but I’ll bet you know one who would love to enter.

Entering is a snap. All that’s required is a properly formatted email.

Three different prizes will be awarded:

1 – A copy of each class member’s book, 23 titles.
2 – A copy of each MG book, for elementary and middle schools, 12 titles.
3 – A copy of each YA book, for high schools, 11 titles.

The deadline is November 30.

Congrats, Class of 2K9, and congrats future library winners!