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Things are hopping over at the Lazy Girl Designs blog hop.

Did you note the Retro-Aprons? My father’s basement is the repository of an overwhelming collection of Family Junk. If I didn’t live 6,000 miles away, it’s likely that a good bit of it would be in my house, as there’s a reason it hasn’t been “let go.” Every time I visit my father, I bring a few things home with me. Most recently, I brought this:

jen_in_apron.jpgMy aunt’s apron. I am not making this up. You can see it doesn’t fit me, but I wear it anyway. I like the style (if not the fit), and the fact that my deceased aunt made it. It’s wonderfully functional, too. I’ve never understood the point of those half-aprons that cover one’s thighs. Most of my splatters and spills occur above the waist. I like to wear an apron when I cook, bake, can, make jam–geez, you’d think I was Betty Crocker! I’m pretty messy. I believe the really good stuff–be it bread or stories or needlework–comes out of chaos, so I’m all for messes. (I’m also all for cleaning up.)

I am thrilled to discover the Retro-Aprons patterns by Cindy Taylor Oates of Taylor Made Designs! You mean, I can have an apron that fits, works, and looks good to boot?! They work well with this DayZ Deux fabric, too. Over at the hop, scroll down and take a look at the book cover. I want the one with the ruffle on the bottom! I’m adding this pattern to my sewing list for the summer. This is the list as it stands: roman shades for the house, pieced duvet cover (because when I had to decide between a down comforter and a quilt for my bed, I couldn’t!), Lazy Girl Chelsea Tote, Retro Apron, napkins.

Gee, I’d better hop to it! (lame, lame, lame)

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  1. Hi Jen,

    Your aunt’s apron is wonderful. You look so cute in it. I love the story that is ‘sewn’ into it making your aunt’s apron a wonderful reminder of her as you spend time in the kitchen.

    I look forward to seeing your new apron this summer.

    My best,
    Joan Hawley
    Lazy Girl Designs