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Spiderwick: Getting There!

Oh so close! I have all the pieces of the 2 Spiderwick Chronicles activity books assembled. Just over 100 activities, I think. I typed a table of contents for each book, color-coding the different kinds of activities, and showing double vs. single page spreads. I shifted puzzles between books, tossed a couple, added a couple, and now think I have a nice variety and balance. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Each activity is its own file on the computer, so I’m now copying and pasting the files into a 2 long documents, designing the answer keys as I go. Then I’ll proof, proof, proof, and proof some more. I’ve been proofing as I go, too, but weird things happen with those electronic scissors and glue.

I am so excited! I will be proud to turn these in to Simon Scribbles. Whatever anybody may think, I have done my very best, and that is the most satisfying feeling I know.

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