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Stitchathon Day 1

Okay, when I typed that title, my fingers were anticipating, and it came out: Stitchathong. Huh. Anyone up for a needlework thong design?! Some of the greatest ideas are the result of accidents, do you suppse this is one? It would be UNIQUE!

But that’s not what I’m working on (yet). I began the new Let There Be Night Stitchling. Mike says these Stitchlings usually take me 5 days of casual stitching (he knows these things, I don’t), so I hope to get this and the first bookmark done this week. I also brought the puzzle pattern because I’m nothing if not optimistic!

It’s really been only a half-day today, but I’ve put in several hours and can do a couple more, I think. So far, all I see are nondescript white shapes.

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  1. MIke’s very perceptive! I’m closing in on the end of my current manuscript, and feel excited about getting that wrapped up. It’s been in progress for about a year and a half!

  2. A nnedle work thong would be both original and unique. My Let There Be Night is also a bunch of white patches at this point. But they glow in the dark!

  3. lks: after 1.5 years on a project, do you have any idea what’s next?

    Becca: I wonder if you can take a picture of the Stitchling glowing in the dark. When it’s finished. Will you try? I’d love to see it.

    Hmmm…what about a glow-in-the-dark Katy Bag?

  4. I’ve got a cactus now. It really does look cool. I’ll try to take a picture. I’m using DMC’s Light Effects Glow in the Dark. I think the Krenik would be easier. The Light Effects are vey nice, but not very easy to use. I just ordered a bunch of Dinky Dyes from my favorite on-line needlework site. Can’t wait to start playing with those!