DayZ Dozen Blog Hop Conclusion

Yesterday was the last day of the DayZ Dozen Blog Hop. I felt the loss this morning when I saw the link to the Lazy Girl blog on my Firefox toolbar. I clicked it anyway.

Several days ago, I started to post about the Color My World quilt, by Allison Quilt Designs. (I like the whopper-jawed log cabin quilt background on her website. I’m especially fond of whopper-jawed designs.) I can look at that quilt (the Color My World one) for a long time, the way one looks at fine art. I keep going back to it. It translates easily into needlework, and I have a particular use in mind for a needlework interpretation of that quilt. What do you needleworkers see when you look at it? I wonder if what I see is as obvious to other needleworkers. I have to believe it is.

Anywho, that quilt is beautiful and a great leaping-off point for needlework. I’ll explore Allison’s other designs more in the future.

I also like the Night Flight pattern by Cheryl Winslow, of Starshine Quilting. Again, it’s the bright-on-black that catches my eye, but then it’s the partial daisies as white wings that draws me in. Then the circles created by the colored daisies make themselves known. It’s a busy pattern, with several points of interest that are well-balanced. Without the balance, I think this pattern could be overwhelming. Hat’s off to Cheryl for getting it right.

Well done, Blog Hoppers. That was super-fun! Those fabrics are fabulous (yep, you sold me!), and I hope I can find them in Alaska for the Retro Apron and maybe the Chelsea Tote. We’ve got quilt shops, so I’m hopeful.

And now Needleworkers, I’d like to know what other crafts interest you. So far, in the short life of this blog, you’ve seen me get excited about knitting and quilting and sewing. My embroidery is influenced by my interest in other needlearts. What are the influences on your embroidery?

I want to know. Really.

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  1. I definitely want to host some sort of hop at some time. I need to decide what kind of hop. Embroiderers? A common theme? A common product?

    Writers? A common theme? Common stories?

    Well, du-uh! It has to be Needle & Th*READ*! I’ll combine authors and embroidery designers.

    Or maybe I’ll see how many needlearts/artists I can cram into a single project.

    Or, or…

  2. I love the quilt. It does bright on black to the nines. It would adapt to needlework very well, especially canvas. I can see it as placemats, chair cushions, coasters, the side of a bag, especially for carrying needlework. Let’s see- glasses cases, bookmarks.

    What other crafts do I like? I make jewelry from knotted cords, especially Celtic designs. I love the unending aspect of the knots. I’ve tried to combine it with Celtic inspired needle work, but haven’t had a satisfiyingresult yet. I’m still looking for ways to do it.
    Weaving is another fiber craft I love, but don’t do too much of. I do embroideries of Navajo rug designs- they adapt very well to needlework.

  3. I am interested in, but have not yet tried, silk painting! I even have the supplies for it, just not the time!

  4. Can you send me pictures of your knotted jewelry, Becca? I’d like to see it.

    And lks, I’m going to Google silk painting when I have better internet access. If there’s a site with examples of what you like, you could post the URL here.

    Can we embroider a painted silk Katy Bag and give it a knotted cord strap? Ohmygosh that sounds like fun!

  5. I forgot to mention origami. I love to do it and use it with my kids a lot- fine motor control, eye-hand coordination, sequencing, translating 2-D instructions into 3-D result, attention to detail. Some of the designs can be done with fabric…