Bags, Bags, Glorious Bags!

It’s a Lazy day over at the Blog Hop. Joan has put the DayZ Deux fabric to work on a Bucket Tote. Now, I’ve already established that I’m a fan of Lazy Girl Designs. Here’s why:

1. Bags are functional. I use them all the time because I’m forever hauling “stuff” with me to stave off boredom and make the most of sitting and waiting.

2. Lazy bags are fun and flexible designs. Given a choice between a bright bag with daisies and a gray bag with the name of a mathematics conference ironed on it, which would you choose? (I have 4 of the latter.) And if you don’t like bright colors and daisies, choose a different fabric. Nothing could be easier to change the look.

3. I’m a consummate D-I-Y-er. If I can make it myself, I like it 10-times more. You know, when I was young and I mentioned liking or wanting something, my father would say, “Go home and make one.” It drove me nuts! I hated hearing that. And now look at me. Do you suppose he’s to blame for my “I can make it” attitude?

4. Joan’s lazy attitude results in patterns that are easy, without being shoddy or lame. You want to know how easy she makes her patterns? Check out her demonstrations on Kayewood TV. Tell me if watching one of those doesn’t give you confidence you can make one of these bags.

The Lazy Girl Chelsea Tote is already on my summer sewing list. Well, there are a couple of others that I have my eye on: The Katy Bag, and the Runaround Bag. These are the kinds of bags I routinely carry as a purse, so I believe I’d get lots of use out of them. Best of all, they’re small enough that I can imagine embroidering fabric for them. Can you picture both of those as embroidered pieces? I sure can!

Combining sewing with embroidery is one way to get our needlework off the walls and into our lives. I’m hearing more and more from stitchers that they like to stitch, but don’t want to make pictures for the wall. Alrighty then! Let’s oil up the sewing machines (yeah, I have an old machine) and start making Lazy bags out of our embroidery.

So many projects…

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  1. Hi Jen,

    Thank you for the fabulous compliments. I’m hanging out with you more often!

    Your enthusiasm earns you a ‘gold star’ in the Lazy Girl Hall of Fame.

    In the Land of Lazy, sometimes enthusiasm, and feeling good about the potential a project holds, qualifies as a good crafting experience. (It couldn’t get and Lazier or better than that!) I think you hit that mark square on the head.

    Joan Hawley
    Lazy Girl Designs

  2. Yeah, I think I just added the Katy Bag to my list. I’ve been using a purse for years now that has a broken zipper. It’s time for an upgrade.

    What can I say, I’m an optimist!