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Let There Be Night Frames


When we created Silent Night, the first Let There Be Night Stitchling, we searched and searched for a frame we loved, and were over the moon when we found the 2-color (black and white) frame at Wood ‘N Needle Crafts. For years they supplied us with frames.

Two years ago, Wood ‘N Needle Crafts closed their business. Since then, we’ve repaired 6 of those frames that were retired after being damaged in the mail on their way home from a trunk show. I’d rather deal with wood putty and new paint than try to find new frames for those pieces. I kind of figured we’d stop the series when we ran out of frames.

When I was in Arctic Needle last week, a customer came in looking specifically for those Stitchling frames. I cringed! No more shirking my duty. I had to find a solution. I was ready to commission Mike to make frames.

For whatever reason, I looked up the old Wood ‘N Needle Craft website. It was still there. Someone had bought the company! Our frames are again available, the very same ones that I know and love.

I like having the pieces framed identically. When we display them all together, at trade shows or on the wall at Arctic Needle, they’re quite striking. I like arranging the horizontal and vertical shapes into different patterns. But I also like the fact that one frame fits all. You can stitch multiple pieces, then swap them out of a single frame according to seasons, holidays, moods.

So we don’t have to stop the series and Mike doesn’t have to make frames. Many thanks to Lori Nice at Nice Frames for continuing to make our Stitchling frames. If you would like frames, your local needlework shop can order them. Or contact Karen at Arctic Needle. I know she’s ordering some!

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