Moose Munch, Garden, and Dog

The garden is now fenced. Sort of. As much as it will be fenced, anyway. It’s a visual moose deterrent only. When we pulled in Sunday night with the fencing materials, Mama Moose #2 (not to be confused with Mama moose #1 from here) and her TWO adorable brown calves were just leaving. When it rains moose, it pours.

Also hauled home Sunday night was this:


A loaner dog, Ebony. She’s vacationing here for a few weeks while her family does the same elsewhere. Her presence might help keep the moose at bay.

And remember that lone blue columbine in the ditch beside the road? Half of its stalks have been nipped in the seed pod. Moose munch. I’ve got my eye on the remaining seed pods, waiting for them to mature so that I can collect some seeds to plant in my boot.

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