Needle and ThREAD

Needle and ThREAD Progress

The wheels for local events are in motion.

I visited Karen at Arctic Needle in Anchorage, and she enthusiastically agreed to participate in the Bookmark Challenge. She will also join me in sponsoring/organizing a stitching outreach event at the Z.J. Loussac Public Library during the Challenge in October.

I visited the Toni, Community Relations Coordinator, at the Loussac Library, and she enthusiastically agreed to receive during Children’s Book Week (November 12-18) the bookmarks Karen collects. She is also happy to help us arrange a stitching outreach program at the library.

I went to the Arctic Needleworkers meeting yesterday (local EGA chapter), and pitched the idea of a stitching event at the library in conjunction with the Bookmark Challenge, as part of the Needle and ThREAD: Stitching for Literacy initiative. They moved to participate in the program and the motion passed unanimously.

With this team, our program will be a slam dunk. This is a fun, talented, and enthusiastic group.

And so it begins. Wheeeeee!

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  1. Wow, that’s great! Glad it is taking off. I’m hoping I get the gumption to stitch a few. Been a while since I tackled my crafty side.