The Ducharme Challenge

double-blanket-scrap2.jpgI showed you this picture a few days ago; it’s a noodle I found while searching through my stash. When I discovered it this time, I envisioned it as a bookmark, and pulled it out to work on it.

bookmark-dna.jpgHere it is now. I combined it with the earlier Needlework DNA bookmark idea, and here is the result. I made the pearl cotton used in the center to twist the cables. I would have opted for some sparkly Kreinik braid, but I didn’t have the color in the size I wanted. It’s still not quite right for a publishable pattern, so I’ll be making another one, but this one is a fine and functional bookmark specimen.

Back at the beginning of the 2009 Bookmark Challenge, I introduced you to Lynn Ducharme, who met her own ambitious challenge of stitching a bookmark every month. Well, I have decided to take up the Bookmark Ducharme Challenge, and design a bookmark every month. Ideally, I’d love to design, stitch, and write instructions every month, but that, I suspect is pushing it, so I’ll be happy with a dozen design ideas and initial stitching attempts. I’m going to work on the DNA bookmark for May.

Anyone out there willing to accept the Bookmark Ducharme Challenge with me? You don’t have to design your own bookmarks, just stitch them. Anyone?

Bueller . . . Bueller . . . Bueller . . .

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  1. I way love this one! I was going to tell you that you had to share directions, then I read the rest of the post.
    Oh, what the heck! I’ll take on the challenge. I’ve got a couple of cool Textile Heritage bookmarks I’ve been wanting to get done anyway. One of them is of Stonehenge. (Are you reading this, Kat?)

  2. I am so glad I found your site at the needlework show! I love it.
    The DNA bookmark and the pocket bookmark are dancing in my mind now as I am just starting to try out bookmarks.
    I would change the first word of the phrase to Love and also I love the idea of “Bic” never heard that before!